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Syngenta is one of the world’s leading agriculture companies. Their ambition is to help safely feed the world while taking care of the planet.

To support this ambition, Syngenta opted to transition their workforce of 28,000 (across 90 countries) from a formal annual appraisal towards regular, ongoing conversations.

Facet5 worked with Syngenta to develop the Pause2Talk programme. SuperSkills sat at the heart of the programme which provided a clear framework for understanding how small changes made by an individual, team, manager in their daily conversations can create significant cultural outcomes.

The programme was rolled-out organisation-wide with the aim of building awareness and capability for everyone to have the confidence to have ongoing dialogue.

Key components
With each and every one of our programmes we place the individual at the centre of the learning to ensure it feels as relevant, focussed and as personal as possible. Our human approach is about evoking individuals’ inner curiosity, drive and desire to stretch in a non-linear journey. Therefore, it was only natural that Pause2Talk was developed to suit Syngenta’s complex and diverse international needs;
  • Blended and bite-sized:
    • Complimentary online development pathways were designed to ensure true global availability at all levels
    • Simple and actionable steps to support individual learning
    • Reflection and action
Being accessible in your daily working environment encourages more sustained learning which can be applied immediately.
  • Targeted and Agile:
    • All content was designed bespoke to echo company vision, cultural values and tone of voice for genuine connection to employee’s day-to-day reality and business goals.
    • Collaborating closely with internal departments helped us to refine at every step and integrate with their systems for a more seamless access and experience.
Train-the-trainer workshops were run across the globe to build internal capability and confidence in applying the SuperSkills of Great conversation. These focussed on;
  • The SuperSkills of Great Conversations – a group facilitated immersive experience
  • Designing team sessions – high-impact design; exploration, building insight and capability
  • Applying SuperSkills to develop coaching-style leadership
Alongside this, we developed and launched a platform to support continuous learning to help individuals maintain momentum around having meaningful ongoing dialogue. Interactive content included vox-pop videos, take-away toolkits, guided personal development and challenges to put the learning into practice. The platform was accessible globally and translated into 10 of Syngenta’s core business languages.
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