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Our passion is helping people have great conversations

Conversations are at the heart of how we communicate, engage, build relationships and lead.  Our solutions combine the art of conversations and the science of personality to provide a unique offering.


Meaningful Conversations

Meaningful Conversations

SuperSkills provides individuals with a new way of understanding how they have conversations and where they can focus to achieve ‘Great Conversations’.


Inspiring Conversations

Inspiring Conversations

SuperSkills offers leaders the opportunity to look at how they have conversations and the way they engage with others.


Productive Conversations

Productive Conversations

Teams are the building blocks of organisations. One of the most crucial factors of team effectiveness is simply how well the team ‘talks’.


Culture of Conversations

Culture of Conversations

Creating a culture of conversations is by no means an easy job, however with a culture of conversation you get more than an increase in performance.

“The performance of an organisation is changed
one conversation at a time.”

Dik Veenman, Founder, The Right Conversation

The 5 SuperSkills

Most of us spend a lot of time having conversations of one form or another, but some people are clearly much more effective than others at ensuring the conversations they have strengthen relationships and are productive, rather than waste time and destroy trust.

The good news is that conversations are based on a number of distinct skills; the 5 SuperSkills – which means we can all become better. But that is not the whole story. Our ability to use these SuperSkills also depends on our personality.

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We work in close collaboration with an array of organisations that span the globe to provide actionable insights. We are incredibly proud of these partnerships and have some great stories to share.

What our Clients Say

“Awesome and very powerful. Thank you!”


“I’m sure that this will make the company an even better place to work, improve engagement and happiness and, as we all know, happy people work better.”


“The 5 skills for super conversation was too good. This is the secret of success!”


“The best instructor/facilitator I’ve seen in years. She made sure we truly learned and understood the materials while recognising the “real world” and how we will need to adjust to apply our learnings.”


Conversation Curated

We are leading the conversation around talking about the way we talk.

Browse our collection of articles and stories that are shaping the conversation around the way we talk and the significance of authentic dialogue.

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