Become a conversational leader | Featured in HR Future

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What is conversational leadership? In an interview with the Financial Times a few months ago Allan Clarke the new CEO of SABMiller described his leadership style as encouraging discussion. This is not a young Silicon Valley outfit, where you might expect to see an informal and personal leadership style, but with the world's second largest

Speaking Truth to Power | Featured in Communication World Magazine

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Speaking Truth to Power: Help leaders to listen, and employees speak up The leaders of businesses, governments and other major institutions throughout the developed world face a major challenge: how to rebuild trust between themselves and their key stakeholders. The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer makes for sobering reading, revealing the biggest-ever drop in public trust

How to break down the barriers to organisational dialogue (Infographic)

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To become an effective conversational leader you need to break through the day-to-day barriers holding the organisation back from having great conversations. Read on - take a look at the infographic here: How to break down the barriers (5) (1)

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